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We are aboard the MS Prinsendam sailing on the North Sea towards Norway. We arrived about 12:30 yesterday, had a quick lunch and then spent time familiarizing ourselves with all the features of the ship. We have a great cabin in a very good location, on the same deck as the front office, the Exploration Cafe, the show theatre, the shops and the casino. Right outside our cabin door are steps down to the deck we use for walking and the location of the dining rooms. We are at the back of the ship on the port side, right on the "corner" so we have a huge verandah, big enough to hold 2 lounge chairs, 2 arm chairs, 2 ottomans and a small table. We will definitely be using that area as often as possible.
To step back a day or so, you asked for details on the red light district in Amsterdam. It is an area filled with sex shops, porn shows and store fronts highlighted with red lights that indicate sex for sale. The skimpily clad prostitutes sit on stools in the windows advertising themselves. We were in the area fairly early so didn't see a lot of them. It is as sleazy as it sounds but is heavily patrolled by police so seemed fairly safe. Plus we had Charles to protect us!

In the Red Light district

I no longer have free wifi. We have a satellite connection which is quite pricey and quite slow. I am not sure how long it is going to take to upload photos so I will be conservative for this entry.
Thanks for your comments. We do enjoy them.

Our verandah


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Ahhh... On the ship at last and it's a beauty. What a great deck. You'll have to let us know how smooth the ride is back there. Enjoying your blog and so envious.

by Diane & Barrie

Thanks for the info on the red light district. What a great cabin!The weather looks amazing.

by Colleen Roy

That deck! I'm so envious! Enjoy it for us. Hope the food is fantastic, the shows incredible and your days full of fun. We know that your companions are great!


by Erin H

Sounds like another amazing trip! The deck is awesome! Great place to relax, listen to the ocean and read a book.

by Jodi Cowtan

Oh, it sounds like the location and details of your cabin are perfect! That will make a huge difference to your cruise.

Thanks so much for the added detail of the red light district of Amsterdam. Interesting that they still have girls on display like mannequins in a department store. Disturbing and yet better than what we have I think... hidden from sight and dangerous for the girls.

I bet the satellite wifi is expensive. Because of that we opted out from it for our boat. Thanks for posting what you can.

by Cathy N.

Oh yes, and your cabin being located in the stern of the boat should make for a much smoother ride for you. We never use our foreward cabin when underway. Way too much motion!

by Cathy N.

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